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Forum Registration

Since there is no formal agenda for the 2016 Forum, there is no registration fee. Attendees will pay their own accommodation and meal expenses.

However, if you plan to attend, please register so we can help facilitate location and times for attendees to meet and exchange information.

We will provide each registrant with regular updates as new people register for the event.

To register your intent to attend please fill in the following form. There is no fee to register:

If you encounter any problems with registration, please contact Michelle Oberson at (888) 573-2578 or email


The Basin Harbor Club is located about 6 miles west of Vergennes, Vermont and about 28 miles south of Burlington, Vermont. Most of our guests find they get get the most value and enjoyment from the event by staying on site.

Accommodations are very comfortable and include choices of a hotel room or an individual cabin. We have reserved a block of rooms for attendees as the resort gets very busy in the fall with people enjoying the fall colors. Please contact the Basin Harbor Club directly to make reservations.

Basin Harbor Club

(800) 622-4000